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Ever since Tracy won the 2007 NPC Team Universe Heavyweight Bodybuilding Championship as well as being the Overall Women's Winner she's everywhere in the media. Interviews, photo shoots, videos, you name it -and you'll probably see Tracy.

In this section, we'll try to keep up with Tracy in the media. And, if you see something we missed, please let us know!



The E! True Hollywood Story; Female Bodybuilders is featuring a story on Taylor Hansen, the 16-year old from Walnut Creek, CA who was trained by Tracy. If you miss the TV show you can read about it in Lonnie Teper's News & Views.

John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) is a WWE Champion and had this to say recently about Tracy's skills as a Nutritionist:

I was at the Arnold Classic last week promoting the product as well. In fact, I saw the only nutritionist I have ever had, and if you think I look bad now, you should have seen me before she got ahold of me. Tracy Beckham was in the Women’s IFBB pro competition, and looked better than ever. I think I need her to help me again with my diet; it gets harder when you pass 40. Of course, last time she worked with me, I became world champion – that’s a pretty good endorsement for her.

JBL's blog

Robby Brand, the photographer who shot the recent "Tracy in Spain" gallery has a nice write-up of Tracy in his blog under the title "Tracy Beckham Stuns." Be sure to check out the comments as well.



Planet Muscle, Feb 2008
Planet Muscle


"Too many uninformed people regard physique competition as theatrical art expressions. Well, that may be true, but women this beautiful generally do not go through all the dedicated work to build such incredible biceps and delts, just as so-called art! No, they do so because they are competitors seeking major bodybuilding titles."



Beverly International's No Nonsense Newsletter, Vol 12, No. 4
No Nonsense Newsletter no Nonsense Newsletter No Nonsense Newsletter
A piece written by Tracy herself explaining how she got ready for the 2007 NPC Team Universe Contest.


NPC News, Sept. Oct 2007
NPC News
NPC News
NPC News
NPC News
NPC News NPC News


Muscular Development, Dec 2007 Ironman, Dec 2007 Flex, Oct 2007
Muscular Development Ironman Flex

Ironman, March 2008  
ironman, March 2008 Under the headline "More International Newbies," Tracy with Catherine Anderson (1) and Juliana Malacarne.

Planet Muscle June-July 2008 A feature article on Tracy -
Future Woman Has Arrived!
Planet Muscle June-July 2008 Tracy Beckham Tracy Beckham
Tracy Beckham Tracy Beckham Tracy Beckham


Muscular Development - August 2008
Article on Tracy and Theresa Hendricks
Muscle Development August 2008




A great interview with Tracy in Muscular Development, Sept 07
Iron Magazine: Win It Like Beckham
2007 Team USA Photo




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